Posted by: Digital Pogi | December 3, 2009

My Christmas List

Aside from world peace, here are the things I wish for this Christmas.


I have been blogging for almost 4 months now and still looking for a domain and webhost.  I prefer local providers to support local companies.  So far, I have come across ploghost, philhosting, greatwebhost and mobilehive which was recomended by Judd. I have already contacted some of them and they all are newbie friendly.  But I’m still undecided. My target to set it up before the year ends.  All understand is that Bandwith is for the traffic and Storage is for your blogging posts(photos, videos, etc.)  I still need to get a theme and whatever is needed to start up my own domain and host.

An External HD or a Wireless Router

My Notebook’s storage is at 80GB and I have already consumed 75%. I really need an additional storage, 160bg – 250gb will do.  I also want to have a wireless router.  I have my internet installed upstairs, but there are times that I wanted to browse the internet downstairs.

A New Mobile Phone

Just like most of you guys, I have had a couple of mobile phones used. Here’s my list.

  • Nokia 3210 – my first ever mobile phone.
  • Nokia 6150
  • Motorolla V100 – my first Qwerty phone
  • Samsung R220
  • Nokia 8250
  • Sony Ericsson T630 – my first colored phone which I sold and bought a
  • Nokia N-Gage – this was one of my favorites bu still sold and bought a
  • Nokia 6630 – sold and bought a
  • Nokia 6280 –  I regret buying this phone.
  • Nokia N80 Internet Edition – I won it fom a Bancnet online promo and sold for a DSLR
  • Nokia 1200 – had to settle for a cheap phone to get a DSLR but was lost.
  • Nokia 1208 – present phone.

I now feel the need for a new phone.  I would prefer a Nokia E72 or an Apple iPhone.  I’ve gone through a couple of phones and I now know what I need.  I pray that Santa won’t notice the corrections I made on his list.

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  1. Haha. An iPhone would be on top of my cellphone wish list too (since Google’s phone is not yet available) Heheh. Good luck!

  2. aren’t Android phones from google? or is it just the OS.

  3. ei, u can buy my 5730 for 10k with delivery charge of 1k..bongga!!hahaha…

    • adik ka talaga!!! ibigay mo na alng sa akin.

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