Posted by: Digital Pogi | November 19, 2009

New Strings Attached

I felt the need to play my guitar again.  The last time I touched the frets and strummed the strings were about a year ago.  I felt the need to update myself with new songs.

I went out and bought a new set of strings some music magazines.  I attached the strings tuned the guitar.  I always get nervous when rotate the knob for the #1 string.  I’m afraid that I might stretch it too much for it to snap and hit me in the face.  After a few minutes I was playing it again.  My fingers were now hurting because it’s no longer used to metal strings.

I turned the pages of the magazine I bought and tried interpreting the chords.  I tried to sing, but my auditory system tells me that I should focus on playing the guitar to get better results.  I skipped from songs to songs, not even finishing a stanza.  I find them all difficult now.

Good thing there’s Google.  I searched for tablatures and tried playing them. I still am having a hard time. I used to use guitar pro to make it easier then I stumbled upon guitar tutee ang ako si chris.  There you can watch guitar player play the songs.  Although it’s not a tutorial site, I can read the notes/chords they use, the fill-in, and adlibs.  Thank you Google!

Here’s my favorite video s far.


  1. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. Lemme know if there are other exciting events coming up! 😀

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  2. One of my frustrations in life is learning how to play the guitar. Sayang di ako nag-take ng lessons.

  3. self study lang ok na. It will be frustrating at first. Masakit pa sa daliri. It’s never to late.

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