Posted by: Digital Pogi | November 6, 2009

My Christmas habits

All of us have their own habits during the holidays.  Here’s a list of what I do.

Listen to Christmas Songs. When I was in high school, during the Christmas season, I wake up at 4am to listen to Christmas songs. I go to our living room, light up the Christmas tree and switch the radio on.  I listen to Love Radio 90.7 because it plays one hour of Christmas songs non-stop.  The silence (everyone else is still sleeping), the lights and the music felt great.  I go back to sleep afterwards.

Stroll or take a walk around your town and see the lights and decorations.   Feel the cold air and listen to the sound of puto bumbong cooking or the carolers singing.   Help yourself with Christmas delicacies like bibingka or castanas.

Attend Misa de Gallo.  I used to complete nine masses before I became slave of the corporate world.  I also am disappointed because it’s very crowded and most of them are not there to hear mass.

I watch Christmas movies.  My favorites were It’s a Wonderful Life, Jingle Bells and Puso ng Pasko. Is there any other Filipino movie that has a Christmas theme?  Is Tanging Yaman one of them?

Read books.  I have a Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens and Fruitcake by the Eraserheads. Is there a Tagalog novel that has a Christmas theme?  I’d love to get one.


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