Posted by: Digital Pogi | November 3, 2009

I Enjoyed My Century Bangus Fillet at Places I Never Thought I Could

It’s now almost a year since my father-in-law passed away.   Our plan was to pay him a visit on November 1 (or else he will) at the cemetery in Bulacan.  Everything and everyone was well prepared for the trip.  However we woke up behind schedule because of the preparations and internet browsing last night.

We were supposed to wake up around 5am to leave early to avoid the usual traffic.  Rushing to avoid the anticipated heavy traffic we decided to just eat breakfast on the way.  I decided to bring a couple of Century Gourmet Bangus Fillet and some bread for the trip.  The wind outside was so strong that it made us think twice about the trip. But the thought of my father-in-law visiting us helped me with my decision.

Contrary to what I expected, traffic was smooth.  It’s because of typhoon Santi-santita. People also have decided not to go to their provinces to fix their homes damaged by typhoons Ondoy-da boy and Pepeng-basa(not in anyway related to pepeng kuryente, pepeng agimat, pepeng paniki nor pepeng kulob).  As soon as we reached NLEX I brought out my Century Gourmet Bangus Fillet and bread for our on-the-go breakfast.  I wanted to take a picture of the moment with my DSLR but I was afraid that someone would stand up and declare a hold up.

After a 45 minute bus ride and a 15 minute tricycle ride, we reached our destination. Upon arrival we were greeted by relatives followed by the usual chikahan.  The kids were already playing out in the field.  I saw the cow and calf that I used to feed, the goats I chased, the native chickens whom their parents I ate and the ducks that I have yet to taste.  Having said that, I introduced everyone to my latest discovery – Century Gourmet Bangus Fillet. This time I opened the one with tausi.

century gourmet bangus fillet 1

century gourmet bangus fillet 2

Later that day we decided to treat everyone for dinner.  We decided to cook spaghetti.  Me and my wife together with a niece walked 20 minutes to reach the street and waited for a ride.  No jeepney or tricycle went by so we walked for another 30 minutes just to reach a mini grocery. We bought pasta and ingredients and ice cream.  This time we were able to get a tricycle to head back home or else the ice cream would have melted.  We had spaghetti and ice cream for dinner (parang birthday lang).

The following day we were already on our way to the cemetery at 7am to prepare.  We have set up a very big umbrella and tarpaulin for shade then went back home.  After lunch we went back to the cemetery to pay our respect and offer prayers. I brought two more cans of Century Gourmet Bangus Fillet for snacks.  There were already a lot of people at the cemetery.  The heat and the lack of cold air had the kids and teens irritated.  I opened up both cans and voila! Just like magic, everyone’s mood changed.  I was so busy taking pictures that I didn’t notice that there was none left for me.

century gourmet bangus fillet 3

century gourmet bangus fillet 4

century gourmet bangus fillet 5

century gourmet bangus fillet 6

exchanging variants

century gourmet bangus fillet 7

century gourmet bangus fillet 8

century gourmet bangus fillet 10

Later that night we rented a jeep and went home.  I predicted that we will no longer be able to cook my baon for the following day.  It is imperative that I bring lunch to save money for Christmas.  Good thing I left one more can of Century Gourmet Bangus Fillet at home for my office lunch.

At the office everyone was curious with what my baon is.  Everyone liked it.  We all wanted to sleep after lunch but the we still have 4 hours of work to do. A full healthy meal, no traffic and additional 30% pay for the holiday, a great way to start the week.

century gourmet bangus fillet 11

century gourmet bangus fillet 11

Century Gourmet Bangus Fillet is truly for everybody, everywhere;  anytime, anywhere.

century gourmet bangus fillet 12



  1. hey nice entry. I’ve been checking some of the entries and yours really looked like it was well thought of! I hope you win! Are you a Nuffnanger btw? I think you have to be one in order to qualify!

  2. thanks. the contest just came at the right time. I am a nuffnanger, it’s just that i can’t place ads on my blog yet (didn’t know i can’t on a free wordpress). i still am looking for a webhost and i don’t know how to go about setting it up. hope someone would help.

  3. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……inggit ako sa kainan!!!

    • puro ka kain.

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