Posted by: Digital Pogi | October 23, 2009

Are you ready?

The end of the world is coming!? That’s according to the Mayan Calendar.  They predict that it will be on December 21, 2012 at exactly 11:11am.  They say that this is when the 12th planet arrives and may crash in to Earth or cause our planet to go haywire because of the 12th planet’s gravitational pull. Another end of the world prophecy just like the coming of the 2nd Millennium (year 2000). Everybody got scared.  Some even went inside a cave where they believe can be saved.

This Mayan prophecy scares me more.  Why shouldn’t I be?  With all the punishments Mother Earth is giving who would be scared. We never had tornadoes before. We never had this much rain before.  How about the new diseases and viruses that are emerging?  Climate change is a very serious issue. Let us not wait for the government to action (specially the Philippine government).  It should start from us.  Simple waste management will do.  Avoid over consumption of products.  Consumption leads to production.  Production leads to extraction of our resources.  Extraction leads to destruction.

Are we learning from what Nature is teaching us?  Do we need more punishments?

Before the world ends, I would want to see it happen (in movie theaters).  I might get tips on how to survive the apocalypse.  It will be showing this November.

2012 http://teaser-trailer.comimage source

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