Posted by: Digital Pogi | October 17, 2009

PLDT WatchPad

Just recently I, along with other bloggers, were invited to a Rockeoke night and to experience the latest service from the number DSL provider in the country, PLDT. The PLDT MyDSL WatchPad.  It’s the first Broadband Entertainment Portal in the country.   I love it for 6 simple reasons:

My Shows


You can enjoy watching TV right in front your own computer screen.   Watch shows from GMA, MTV, Cartoon Network, CNBC, CNN, National Geographic, Animax and Go Channel; and there will be more channels to come.  Some of these channels are not even available in our cable TV provider.  Beat that!


Everything is exclusive.

  • Watch exclusive updates on the latest celebrity gossips (yes, chismoso ako) and fashion trends.
  • Watch high-quality music videos from the country’s top music artists exclusively made for Watchpad.
  • Drifting lessons.
  • and more.



Enjoy Award winning movies from the country’s best directors.



Play the coolest online Level-up games.



It allows me to do my blogging and networking tasks while watching TV. I can twit or blog as soon as the news comes out.

It’s Free.

Here’s another cool thing, assuming that your MyDSL came with WeRoam.  You can watch your latest TV shows via PLDT MyDSL WatcPad on the go.  I can even bring notebook in places where there is no cable TV and watch CartoonNetwork. Cool! This is just the beggining.

It a must have for everyone.   Multimedia + Multitasking = Watchpad. Cool!

All PLDT MyDSL subscriber can avail of the Watchpad service.  Signing up is easy, installation is a breeze.  Existing MyDSL subscriber can sign up here.

installlog in

If you’re not an existing PLDT MyDSL subscriber, It is recommended that you sign up with plan 1299. Visit for more info.

Thanks Nuffnang for the invite and thanks PLDT for WatchPad.



  1. Thanks for attending the event! We’ll be posting about the Watchpad contest soon so check out the official Nuffnang blog within the week for it! Cheers!

    • It’s been a wonderful experience, specially meeting my blogging idols. looking forward for future events. thanks

      • Yep! See ya! 😉

  2. It sure is useful. PLDT MyDSL really knows how to introduce wonderful innovations that a lot of people would like.

    • you’re right about that. thanks for dropping.

  3. Good stuff. Subscribed 🙂

  4. ..nice!!!!

  5. what are the events coming? 🙂

    • i have no news yet. i’ll post them when i get the info.

  6. AWESOME PLACE!!!! maybe i should try it for my self or even with my besties and my OFW couzin’s from canada and germany…..surely they will love it!!! hope u post more nice places to visit…. tnx a lot… more power!!

  7. its a good thing that PLDT launched this kind of portal. it helps a lot. 🙂

    • it really does.

  8. Read how to sign up here and what packages are available and reviews

  9. thanks for dropping by.

  10. I’m glad that I have met you in the Watchpad event.

    I love the watchpad software and even my nephew is so hooked to it heheh =)

    • kung wala ka edi wala kong photographer. thanks friend.

      • Hehehe ganun tlaga friend. Anyways, Im so thankful sa Watchpad Event kasi nakilala ko kayo. Awww…

        Btw, I’m still addicted sa watchpad hihi 😀

  11. 😦 Sad to say, I’m locked with SmartBro for 1 year. Can’t experience the fun.. Hopefully I’ll be able to when the year’s up. Teehee.. 😛

  12. another great innovation from pldt.

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