Posted by: Digital Pogi | September 24, 2009

Shopping with kids

Bringing your child with you to go shopping is a challenge.  You have to deal with a lot of things.  Some  parents would even use a strap-like belt on theirs kids to keep them close to them.  Here are my tips for parents.

  • Plan everything from the time you leave the oust til’ the time you get home.  Inform your child about the time you plan to leave and go home to make him aware and spend is time wisely. It also helps if you schedule your activities.  Tell your child that you need to buy something first, then go to this shop and so on.
  • Explain why you you’re going to shopping.  This gives them an understanding that it’s not about spending money but buying what is needed and to bond with them.
  • If you plan to eat in the mall, make him choose where to but give them your suggestions.
  • Set the rules before you leave.  Tell them to stay close.
  • Bring a small toy to keep them entertained or you can entertain them yourself while strolling.  Exhagerate on the scenery.  Keep them amazed with what you are seeing inside the mall. “Wow, look at that…!”  you may also want to bring bottled water and a light snack.
  • Get them involved in your shopping.  Ask their opinion on an item.
  • On the way home make them carry a small bag to teach them to be responsible.
  • If they’ve been good. You can buy them a small toy or a book, or  some words of encouragement will do.  “you’ve been a good boy/girl, you made mom/dad happy”
  • Once you get home, have them help you clean up and fix your purchases.

It’s always been difficult bringing you child with you when you go shopping.  Hope those tips helped.


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