Posted by: Digital Pogi | September 22, 2009

Blogging and Reading Events

I just missed two events last week.  The Manila International book fair and Wordcamp 2009.

I just started blogging less than a month ago and  there really is a lot to learn.  I don’t even have my own domain and webhost yet.  So far, I am looking into Ploghost – a local provider, one of their client is Yugatech. There really is a lot to do and I believe attending Wordcamp 2009 will help me.  However I was not able to register because already ended when I discovered it.  Also, I don’t know any bloggers yet, I don’t want to go there alone.  I fear that I’ll be out of place.  But I really wanted to meet bloggers like jehzlau, ada, toni marikit, randy marasigan and yuga and learn from them.  I need help in making developing my blog.

The Manila International Book Fair is another event that I failed to attend.  We were there last year and was able to purchase a couple of books and have them signed by the authors.  There were a couple of giveaways as well, mostly bookmarks. Here are some of the pictures we took there last year.

I promise myself to attend the next blogging event whatever or wherever it may be.



  1. Hello! Thanks for dropping by sa blog ko.. 😀 Link exchange tayo! 😀 na link na kita 😀

    • already added you in my blogroll. thanks for dropping.

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