Posted by: Digital Pogi | September 15, 2009

Fun at Pan de Amerikano

Just recently I have been an avid lurker/follower of Ada’s blog.  Yes, I’m an adaphobic.  After reading her post about Pan de Amerikana and seeing it on TV. My wife and I decided to see it for ourselves.

Despite the rain we went to Marikina.  We’re not familiar with the city but it was up to the cab driver to take us there.  I was awe-struck with how clean and organized the city is.  There is a bicycle lane, imagine that!  There are no sidewalk vendors, not even in the public market.  What we saw was Mr. MMDA Chairman himself, Bayani Fernando, checking if everything is A-ok.

Finally, after 30 minute drive and a P180 fare (Pasig to Marikina) we arrived.  The façade makes me want to sing the Sound of Music.  Inside, you’ll forget that you are still in Marikina.  It felt like I was somewhere in Tagaytay.  There’s a man-made stream, a kalesa on display, a couple of hammock tied on the trees and a lot of plants.  The famous giant chess pieces were there.  You’ll also notice that most tables are designed like chess boards and you can borrow that check pieces from the front desk.  The staffs were friendly and accommodating.

Food is excellent and very affordable.  You can have a meal for as low as P30.  They indeed have the best tasting pandesal.



  1. Awesome! You guys really went there! Love the photos you took!

    What you said about Marikina is true. Marikina is one the most outstanding city in the Philippines when it comes to cleanliness, orderliness, and people’s discipline. I’m born and raised Marikenya and I witness all things Fernandos done to improve the city.

    Vote for BF this 2010! 😀

  2. Thanks Ada. Your comment is officially my blog’s first. I’m glad you liked the pictures (mali ata white balance ko eh). Bayani definitely has the qualifications of a good leader. Thanks for dropping.

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