Posted by: Digital Pogi | September 1, 2009

Signs of Addiction

How to tell if your teener is on drugs or gambling

  • Changes in eating patterns
  • Loss of physical activities
  • Gadgets, money or other valuable items are disappearing
  • Mood swings
  • Red eyes
  • No longer in contact with family members; like going out with cousins or playing with siblings.
  • The “tell me who your friends are..” and the “Birds of the same feather..” observation.
  • Always exhausted
  • Visit the school and ask about how the child is performing.
  • Borrows or takes money or belongings from family members or friends.
  • Always out of money. ( when he used to go out, eat out, buy items or give treats)

Some are, of course, features of a normal teenager.  Parents have to be very observant but not too evasive. When you have confirmed he/she is on it, accept it and then confront her/him.  The more you deny yourself of the truth the deeper the problem will be.


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