Posted by: Digital Pogi | September 1, 2009

Ber in mind


There are two things to celebrate this month of September,  my birthday and the start of the Christmas season.  We’ll now hear Christmas songs played on the radio and see Christmas decorations almost everywhere.  Not to mention the banners and streamers of politicians with their greetings.  Advertisements will now have holiday themes.

September also reminds me to make my list and start saving for Christmas.    Here are some suggestions on how to save money for the holiday season:

  • Use a coin bank/piggy bank.  I’d prefer the ceramic or the bamboo type because it prevents pilfering.
  • Join a savings group or paluwagan.  Just make sure the you trust people you deal with.
  • Start a business.  it can be as simple as baking home made cookies or making your own fashion accessories.  Who knows, it might grow into a corporation.

Let us not forget the reason for all this – sharing.  We give gifts not to boast or just because he’s your inaanak but to make people happy. And what make people happy can not always bought.


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