Posted by: Digital Pogi | August 31, 2009

Saving the world before end time.

We started hating plastics just right after attending the zero waste presentation at our son’s school.  The presentation tackled the importance of waste management.  What captured my attention was the excessive consumption of plastic. I was able to relate our weekly pamamalengke with it. At the market we buy our food for the whole week which includes fish, pork, chicken, beef, vegetables, fruits, spices and other stuff.  Each of the items we buy will be handed to us in a plastic bag. Imagine the number of plastic bags we take home every week.  Not only that. Groceries also take home a lot of plastic.  Plastic contributes to 90% of the garbage population and it isn’t biodegradable. We decided to bring our bags every time we go to the market.  We made use of the Green bags given away by Robinon’s Department Store, Ace Hardware and our very own bayong. We also bring with us containers for the fishes we buy. It feels so great not to bring home any more of the plastics.  I now appreciate the so called green bags given by department stores and groceries.  We also bought a tote bag made by the people from Payatas. It was sold at our son’s school.  It is very handy coz you can zip it to fit in your pocket so that you can bring it anywhere.

Here are some helpful tips on how to avoid plastic bags.

  • Bring your own bag.  If you are going to the market bring your bayong, a couple of ice cream containers or microwavable for the meat and fishes. Or you can bring a small pail for the fishes.
  • In groceries, instead of bringing home those plastics ask the bagger to put them all in a box.
  • Buy the bigger container.  If you settle for the small one, you will end up buying another soon which will just add up to the consumption of plastics.

A little help goes a long way.


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